We work closely with our clients on each project to create not only an amazing design that will help the business grow, but to create a long term relationship of trust and caring. We are a highly focused and driven agency that focuses on design projects that we are passionate about working on. We are prepared to help with all of your design needs, from very small startups, to Fortune 500 corporations. We have a very broad range of consulting expertise in online business models. Get a hold of us anytime to see if we have helped a business similar to yours grow their business identity. Our key focus is on creating amazing and highly recognizable logos and brand identity. We invite you to contact us with any questions you have regarding how we work, and to see if our skillsets are a good match for your project.  

Web and Graphic Design for Small Business

There are  some advantages to being a small design firm. We don’t charge exorbitant prices for our services. With little or no overhead, we are able to offer many of the same services as a large design company for a fraction of the cost. Large design firms cater to the needs of large corporations. We focus on the smaller businesses with their own unique needs. We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, but with email and the nature of the internet we enjoy the unique ability to service clients just about anywhere.  

Personal Relationship Building

Too often we hear, "I've paid money and have gotten nothing." You can count on delivery of each and every one of our promises. We will truthfully explain our capabilities and guarantee to always deliver timely, quality work. Unlike many large design companies who rely on several different smaller companies or groups of graphic designers, all aspects of your design needs are handled personally and without delay. We are able to offer each of our clients a more personal experience. You never have to worry about who’s doing what. Derby City Design Lab is dedicated to creating affordable, high-quality graphic design services for both print and the web that will promote your small business with simplicity and style. Our services include print design, website design, logo design an brand identity.


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