Songs in Code: 99 Problems

So I got extremely bored at the end of my work day and simply needed a brain dump. Please have fun with this.

Time for Some Learnin’

There are some fun things to learn at times. Within a PHP development aspect, CodeIgniter is a very interesting framework to use for various PHP web applications.

So I decided to attend a “class” of sorts that explains, or was intended to explain, some of the methodology behind using Codeigniter. So far the problem with said class is that I have yet to learn anything that I didn’t know already. The instructor has a fail whale way of explaining anything without direct example and the funniest part of it is that he is supposed to know what he’s talking about. I feel that I have wasted this part of the day until something drastically improves. Sadly… I don’t think that it will.

More as it develops…

Green and Fuzzy… but only on the North Side of the Tree.

So… silly names are indeed that and, well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a little fun with a ridiculous name for a software convention.

Stay on the lookout.

“No to HTML,” says XML Attributes

Yeah, so I had been laboring over a problem for nearly a year regarding some implementation with the Google Maps API. I have a map marker generated by a WordPress post using the All in One Event Calendar plugin. Essentially I just intercepted the post data from the event and stored what I needed; such as address, date/time, details, in another table for marker use. The data storage was the easy part, but what was giving me the problem was when I would try to copy and paste information into the post body. This was especially evident when there was a link within the post body. Seeing as this wasn’t a horribly derailing issue, I had been working around it. Finally the interruption has annoyed me so much that is was time to fix the problem.

As it turns out, the problem I was having was quite simple. To create markers on the Google map, I first had to pre-load the SQL data to an XML document for a javascript function to read and output the marker information. The problem I was in the XML document creation. After a few hours of bug testing and research, I found that the method in which the SQL data is passed to the XML document does not allow for the storage of HTML.

For example this is what some of my marker data would look like:

<marker name="Dance Camp North" venue="Lost Lake Boy Scout Camp" address="12660 Lost Lake Rd, FAIRBANKS, AK 99701, USA" lat="64.298019" lng="-146.679245"type="Weekend" start="Sep 01, 2012" end="Sep 03, 2012" details="Some stuff in here"/>

The detail attribute was the culprit. The WordPress post would automatically generate whatever HTML it needed to output the content. It looks okay in the SQL database but when it was passed to the XML as an attribute value, it would error fail every time.

A very sad error, indeed. Once I found that the XML attribute value was the problem, the rest was easy. The next steps were just a matter of using the htmlentities() php function to encode the HTML special characters on the XML output so that it would accept the raw ASCII data then decoding the HTML characters back to normal on the javascript output to the browser while the marker detail boxes were created.


Again… easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This Just In!

Derby City Design Lab Business CardsGot the finished product today. They are nice and snazzy looking if I do say so myself. Now that the printing is done, next comes the task of strategic distribution. If you see a Derby City Design Lab card hanging about, pick one up and carry it along with you. You never know when it may come in handy and you need to tap int some creative juices.

Stick around for the next bout of creativity out of the lab. It’ll be sure to dazzle you and make you want to throw up some jazz hands.


So… I’m gonna declare some open for business and ready to start taking clients for various design work. Print design, Logo Branding and Identity, Web and Illustration, we here at the Derby City Design Lab can cover it all. Browse around the site and get a feel for what we can do for you and chat with us about the details of your next design project.

Don’t forget to check out our growing portfolio as we continue to add more designs and build a robust library of works.